BigCommerce And Shopify Plus

4 Mistakes To Avoid When Selecting BigCommerce And Shopify Plus

Getting a perfect enterprise e-commerce platform is not an easy task. But this doesn’t mean that you require creating your store from scratch. You can spend a massive amount of money and time or even come up with a sketchy site. In this essence, you need to use a platform. BigCommerce or Shopify plus should be your consideration if you have budgetary constraints. They come with cheap pricing and advanced features to allow you to create a site with ease. However, some mistakes occur and can make you run a business of slow growth. Thus, you need to avoid them. Here they are:

Choosing a platform that does not align with your business needs

Although BigCommerce and Shopify plus are hosted platforms, they do not come with the same features. In this essence, you need to spend most of your time learning more about your business. With this, you will know your business requirements and the features that will fulfill them.

Failing to conduct business research

To succeed in the e-commerce business, you need to learn more about what it entails. Know various challenges that are likely to occur and ways to deal with them. It is for this reason why business research is crucial. It will allow you to compare Shopify plus and BigCommerce and know the platform that will work well for your business. Also, with research, you will know essential ways to use the enterprise e-commerce platforms and how to get help in case of challenges.

Failing to consider the customers’ experience

Customers are among the elements that will make your business to expand. Thus, you need to provide them with high-quality services to make them repeat customers. An enterprise e-commerce platform that will assure your customers of a secure check-out process should be your priority. It will make the customers purchase a lot of products without fear of encountering losses. Shopify plus and BigCommerce will assure you of great services. They offer robust PCI and SSL features to protect the customers’ information.

Using a platform because of its cheap pricing

Although you may have budgetary constraints, pricing should not be your number one factor to consider. Because you have your business goals and want to achieve them, you need to choose a platform that will assure you of high growth.  BigCommerce and Shopify plus varies in terms of pricing. Shopify plus will charge $ 2,000 per month which BigCommerce pricing is $ 1,000 per month. The difference in pricing is not much. Thus, you need to consider features but not the price.

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