Shopify Plus And BigCommerce

Here Are 4 Features Of Shopify Plus And BigCommerce That Makes Them Leading Platforms In TheUK And Australia

Shopify plus and BigCommerce are powerful enterprise e-commerce platforms that will enhance your business growth. They are both hosted platforms which come with affordable pricing. With this, anyone can easily start the business without spending a massive amount of money.

Because when running an online business you need a professional store, these platforms will assure you of coming up with a great design. They become leading platforms in the UK and Australia because of their fancy templates and a drag and drop editor. These features will ease the process of building your store. Let’s view at some more features that make these platforms stand out:

Integration and add-ons

If you want to be ahead of your competitors, you need to ease the management process. Control your business automatically to reduce errors. In this essence,  you need to consider an enterprise e-commerce platform. Shopify plus is excellent when it comes to integration and add-ons. It comes with over 1500 apps and integrations which will help you in accounting, marketing, shipping, and reporting. The BigCommerce is not much behind. It has over 400 apps to enable you to control your business with ease.

Integrated payment gateways

It is essential to care for the customers’ needs to convince them to make purchases. A great way of increasing sales is having a vast number of customers to purchase your products. In this case, an enterprise e-commerce platform with integrated payment gateways is essential. It will allow customers to check-out quickly by using a method of choice. Shopify plus has over 100 payment gateways. Also, it has its payments which offer lower transaction fees. The BigCommerce has over 60 payment methods including the multi-currency to allow the international buyers to purchase with ease.

Customer support

A significant aspect of a successful enterprise e-commerce business is customer support. As you know, problems occur, and you may require someone to help you. In this case, you need a platform that will always be there to help you. Shopify plus and BigCommerce will provide quick responses using various methods. They use a free phone call, live chat or email.


If you want to allow millions of customers to know more about your products, you need to go mobile. A mistake that makes many retailers fail to succeed in their enterprise e-commerce business is by caring for only desktops users. They forget that the mobile is gaining popularity. Thus, you need to consider Shopify plus and BigCommerce. They have responsive themes that will allow your site to support all devices.

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