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Shopify Plus Vs. BigCommerce: Which Platform Will Fit Your Enterprise E-Commerce Business InThe the UK And Australia?

An enterprise e-commerce business involves various tasks that can lead to errors if you fail to run it correctly. Hence, you need a platform to help you run a successful business. Shopify plus and BigCommerce are among the powerful platforms in the UK and Australia. They offer an easy to use interface to allow those retailers without the design knowledge to create a professional online store.  However, this doesn’t mean that they will both fit your business. You need to have a plan and know your business requirements. With this, it will be easy to identify the best platform for you. With these features, you will choose the platform that will match with your business needs:

Mobile friendliness

A feature number one that you need to consider before drafting an online store is mobile responsiveness. Most of the online buyers will use the mobile to search for the best products. Thus, you need to assure them that you care for their needs by creating a site that looks great on mobile. The site should be professional in a way that it will load for a few seconds.

Shopify plus stands out when it comes to responsiveness. It has over 100 responsive themes which are designed to display beautifully across all screen sizes. Also, it has a mobile App SDK to allow you to insert the buy buttons for customers to purchase using the mobile. Although BigCommerce responsiveness is not much advanced as that of Shopify plus, it will allow you to go mobile. Its themes can support all devices regardless of the screen sizes.


Building a unique online store is what will make you stand out from your competitors. Because there are skilled retailers who offer the same products as those of yours, you need to ensure that the customers can easily differentiate you.  The BigCommerce stands out when it comes to customization. It provides advanced customization framework to create an engaging storefront. It has a reliable drag and drop editor to allow you to change the look of your store without performing the coding. The Shopify plus is not much behind. It only requires knowledge of HTML, CSS, and liquid to develop unique storefront.


Although both enterprise e-commerce platforms will allow your site to scale, Shopify plus stands out. It offers unlimited bandwidth which will support your site during the holiday shopping peaks. Because the enterprise business leads to high growth, scalability should be your number one factor. It will prevent your website from crashing when an increase in sales occurs.

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